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Invacare Beds

There are many different types of bed used in the modern hospital; Invacare beds are just one example. Many of us will just take this important hospital furniture for granted but it can actually have a huge impact on our ability to recuperate from illness. In fact using the wrong bed could hamper our recovery and possibly lead to huge difficulties. This is why it is so good that we have manufacturers like Invacare beds creating products that are specifically designed for the hospital environment.

Why are Invacare Beds Needed?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just stay in a standard bed during our stay in hospital? This would be far more comfortable; there is just something so clinical looking about the hospital bed. The reality is though, that if we were to just use a standard bed then it could lead to all types of problems. Here are just some of the reasons why items like Invacare beds are needed.
  • A standard bed is almost the perfect breeding area for all types of microscopic life forms. Now this might not be too big a deal if the bed is in your home because these will be creatures that you are already adapted to living with and they are mostly harmless. In a hospital though there are many bacteria and viruses floating around and if they took up residence in the bedding it would be disastrous. Special furniture like Invacare Beds are specifically designed for these types of conditions; they are created so as not to attract microscopic life and they are easy to clean.
  • When we use a bed at home we are normally only going to be in it for about eight hours a day at most. When we are in hospital though we will likely be spending a lot more time on this type of furniture so it needs to be designed to reflect this fact.
  • Many of those who are in hospital will have reduced mobility. This means that they may be able to do very little for themselves. In the past this meant that nurses would need to physically move patients around in the bed every time a change of position was required. The new electric beds are designed to remove the need to for physical lifting in most instances.
  • Long term bed rest can actually be physically damaging to the body. Products like Invacare beds are designed to counter the effects of these dangers.
  • One of the biggest dangers with long-term bed rest is the development of pressure sores. These can be really nasty and interfere with the body’s ability to recuperate. Luckily the modern bed comes fitted with mattresses that can reduce the risk of these developing.
  • Hospital furniture needs to be mobile and manufacturers like Invacare Beds take this into account when they are designing their products.
As you can see Invacare Beds offer some great benefits for the hospital patient – they are also now also being found in people’s homes as well.

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