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Intensive care is where patients go if they need a lot of monitoring or at risk of sudden deterioration to their health. Many of these patients will be in organ failure and so will need the assistance of special equipment. One of the special items that they will almost certainly need is the ICU bed. These beds have been specially designed to work well in this demanding area of the hospital.

What is So Special about an ICU Bed?

An ICU bed needs to be the most advanced in the hospital because it will be used by the patients who have the highest needs. A lot of these patients will be unable to do anything for themselves and so rely on complete nursing care. In the past it was necessary to look after such patients with them lying in standard hospital beds but this made life very difficult. Thankfully the new ICU bed has been designed specifically for those patients who have heavy needs.

The modern ICU bed is always electric because this means it is a lot easier to move the patient around and get a desired lying or sitting up position. In the past it was necessary to do this while manually handing the patient but this was far from an ideal solution. Sometimes the patient become uncomfortable during the move and many nurses hurt their backs while doing these manoeuvres. Thankfully the new electric ICU does away with a lot of this physical lifting. There are switches on the side of the bed that allow it to be easily put into any desired position.

One of the huge risks for ICU patients is that they develop bed sores on their body. These occur because of their immobility and the fact that there is pressure on a part of the body for a long time. These pressure sores can form quickly but they can take a long time to heal. Sometimes they can become large holes in the body full of necrotic tissue; they often become infected. It is important that everything that can be done is done to prevent them. The modern ICU bed will usually come with a pressure relieving mattress that will mean patients are far less at risk of developing this problem.

Most patients in intensive care will need to be attached to all types of special equipment for monitoring purposes and to assist failing organs. It is important that the bed is going to be able to fit in well with all this equipment. The ICU bed has been designed with these considerations in mind; they not only are shaped favourably but they often also have pole holders for drip stands.

Some Final Thoughts on the ICU Bed

The ICU bed really is a great piece of furniture that makes life a lot easier in intensive care. It is never nice to end up in this part of the hospital or to need to visit anyone there but at it is good to know that they are using all the best equipment.

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