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Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are increasingly common in hospital and home care. Here is a brief review of profiling bed functions.

Profiling beds are electric beds that can be adjusted to meet specific patient and carers needs. For example the head can be raised to allow the patient to sit up to eat or watch television, the knees can be raised for greater patient comfort when lying down or the feet can be elevated to relieve pressure.

Profiling beds are not only more comfortable for patients; they also make work easier for caregivers. Most profiling beds offer a height adjustment so the caregiver does not have to stoop over to change linens or provide patient care. If the patient needs a hoist, it is easier to use it with a profiling hospital bed.

Independence Versa Electric Profiling Bed

SKU Part Number: 2260/AQ

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £2,251.42

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Solite UK 2 Section Profiling Bed

SKU Part Number: SOLITE/UK/2

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £802.42

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Profiling Bed Controls

Profiling beds offer two, three, four or even five part controls:
  • Two-part beds have an adjustable headrest.
  • Three-part beds have adjustable head and foot sections
  • Four-part beds have adjustable head, foot and knee sections.
  • Five-part beds have the same sections as those listed above plus addition head and back support.
Patients appreciate profiling beds because they can easily adjust the bed to meet specific needs. They can raise and lower different parts of the bed without having to wait for a carer who may be busy with other tasks. For example, if the patient is having trouble breathing, he or she may be able to raise the head enough to relieve the problem without having to wait for the carer to come.

Selecting the right profiling bed

When selecting a hospital bed, it is important to consider the patient's needs: A patient who is unconscious most of the time may not need the additional controls of a five-part bed, while someone with chronic back problems may prefer a five-part profile to a two-part bed.

No matter which bed is chosen, it is important to select an appropriate mattress, with the same number of sections. There are a variety of these available; foam and air mattresses are excellent for preventing pressure sores. There are also special mattresses available for people who are severely overweight or who have lung problems.

It is also important to select the proper cushioning. If a person needs to be turned regularly, be sure there are plenty of pillows and cushions to help keep him or her in place. Keeping to the turning schedule prevents the formation of bed sores and posture problems. It also provides some stimulation for the patient, who benefits from the change of scene.

Prices of profiling beds vary depending on how many control functions are available. It may be less expensive to rent a bed. A medical supply provider will be able to list payment options to meet specific financial circumstances.

Choose a profiling bed from a reliable manufacturer. Once it is installed, be sure to keep the control within easy reach of the patient and caregiver. One option is to wrap the controller around one of the bed rails so it won't get lost in the bedding.

Profiling hospital beds are worth the investment because they make life much easier for both the patient and the caregiver. The recovery process will go much more smoothly if they are both comfortable.

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