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Hospital Bed Making

Hospital bed making is one of the first practical tasks that student nurses will learn. This might seem like a frivolous task but there is actually a lot more to it than meets the eye. In fact in much hospital it is only the nurses who are allowed to do this job because getting it wrong could put patients and hospital staff in danger. This might sound like extraordinary claims for such a simple task but it really is the case.

Why is Hospital Bed Making So Important?

One of the reasons why hospital bed making is important is the risk of infection that is present in the bed linen. There are many infections that can be past by body fluids and those lying in bed will tend to contaminate the linen with their fluids. The bed clothes can also pick up spores which may also contain the potential to spread disease. If bed linen was changed ineffectively then it could easily mean that cross-contamination occurs between patients. This explains why there is so much concern with hospital bed making.

When nurses and other trained staff are involved in hospital bed making they are well aware of the contamination risk and so will do things in a certain way. They will wear gloves and plastic aprons and will gently remove the sheets and blankets so as not to disperse any spores or contaminants into the air. If they notice any heavy blood or other body fluid on the linen they will put this into a special red bag that signals that it is to be treated with extreme caution. The rest of the linen will be put into another bag that the nurses will take with them when changing the bed. If the patient has gone home the staff will also take this opportunity to completely decontaminate the mattress and frame of the bed; they will do this using strong chemicals that will kill any bacteria or viruses. It is common practice for bed linen to be changed about once a day during a patientís stay. This ensures that they always have fresh sheets and there is less chance of a build-up of nasty germs in the bed.

Another reason why hospital bed making is important is that the linen needs to put on the bed in different ways to suit different circumstances. If a patient is going for an operation it will be necessary to create a surgery bed; the linen is made up in such a way as to make it easy for an unconscious patient to be taking out of and put into the bed.

Some Final Thoughts on Hospital Bed Making

As you can see there is a lot more to hospital bed making then most of us realize. This might seem like a mundane task that could be done by anyone but it actually involves a lot more than that. If this task was done incorrectly it could mean that patients develop more complications during their stay.

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