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Medical Beds

Choosing a Medical Bed

Medical beds are important, but often overlooked, pieces of medical equipment. Here are some features to look for in medical beds.

The most important feature to look for is quality construction. A medical bed must support a person for long hours, often around the clock and must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the patient and any medical equipment they need.

A medical bed should also be easily manoeuvrable. It is often necessary to move the bed to get better access to the patient. The bed's casters should move freely without noise and there should also be a strong, easy-to-use braking mechanism to hold the bed in place when needed.

The bed's side rails should move smoothly into place and latch securely and there should be no gaps large enough to create a safety hazard.

While there are manual and semi-electric beds available, the best option is an electric adjustable bed. These beds allow patients and caregivers to easily adjust the bed's position for the best comfort. The controller should be simple to use and the adjustment should take place with minimal noise. There should also be a manual control in the event of a power outage.

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The sleeping platform should be large enough to contain the specified mattress and the patient and provide enough clearance for the patient to roll over as needed. There should also be enough clearance around the foot and the sides of the bed for additional medical equipment.

The mattress should fit the bed correctly with no gaps between it and the side rails. These gaps could pinch or trap a patient, resulting in injury or even death. The mattress should meet the specific needs of the patient.

Benefits of a Medical Bed

There are many advantages to using a medical bed rather than a standard bed. Most medical beds are adjustable. For example, if a patient finds it difficult to breathe, the head of the bed can be adjusted upward so the patient can sleep seated upright. If the patient has swollen feet and ankles, the foot of the bed can be raised. People prone to heartburn and acid reflux problems can be made more comfortable with a medical bed. Surgical patients find it easier to get into and out of medical beds because the bed assists them through the motion.

Many medical beds have massage and/or vibration features. These are not only very relaxing but patients with lung problems can get relief through the vibration.

While there are other types of adjustable beds, it is best to get one intended for medical use. Medical beds are designed to meet the specific needs of patients and medical personnel. For example, they are designed with the proper clearances for other medical equipment.

Medical beds are readily available from a variety of companies, which can advise as to usage, payment plans and other concerns. Most medical supply companies will deliver and set up the bed.

By choosing a high-quality medical bed, family members can be sure the patient is getting the best care possible, thus ensuring a full recovery.

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