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Used Hospital Beds

Used hospital beds are a good option if you require this type of furniture and canít afford to buy new. The difference in price between old and new can be quite astounding; especially when it comes to things like electrically adjustable beds or bariatric beds. In fact you could save a significant amount of money by purchasing used hospital beds. Of course this is only a good deal if the furniture you are purchasing is going to be appropriate.

Tips for Purchasing Used Hospital Beds

When it comes to purchasing used hospital beds you might be taking more of a risk then purchasing new. This is because you will have less choice in many instances and some used beds are better than others. Here are a few tips to make it more likely that your attempt at purchasing used hospital beds will be successful.
  • Make sure you check that the bed is in good working order. Used hospital beds are generally well maintained but they will have needed to put up with a lot of abuse. Some hospitals also change their beds more frequently than others and you may be looking at something that is only a few years old or something that is decades old. This means that you should really test out any used hospital beds you are considering purchasing.
  • Always make sure that you will be able to get a mattress to fit the used hospital beds you are thinking about buying. This is especially important if you need to have a special pressure relieving mattress. Some of the older beds will have been created long before the more advanced mattresses and you want to make sure that it will be appropriate.
  • If you are going to need other equipment along with the bed then you should see if you can get these from the same source as you get the bed. If you do this right then hopefully you will be able to save even more money. The types of things you will need to buy will be items such as bedside table, drip poles, bedside lockers, or side bars.
  • If you are very immobile then you might be better of purchasing an electric bed. These are great because you can not only change the height of the bed with the click of a switch but also the head of the bed, the centre of the bed, and the foot of the bed. This is particularly useful for those of us who rely heavily on other people when we need to move. Having an electric bed can often mean that we need assistance far less than we normally would.
  • If you have an occupational therapist then you will find that this health care professional can be a great resource when it comes to this type of purchase. They will usually know a lot about where you will be able to buy used hospital beds and will be best able to advise you about what to buy.

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