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Bariatric Hospital Beds

Bariatric hospital beds are now a common sight now in many health care facilities. The average weight of the population is increasing all the time and obesity is becoming a huge problem for society. This change in the population has an impact on many aspects of health care and one of those things that have needed to change is the provision of hospital beds. The change is not only occurring in hospitals though because there are now also many people using bariatric hospital beds in their home.

What are Bariatric Hospital Beds?

Bariatric hospital beds are especially designed for those people who are overweight. There are different varieties of this bed and some offer very advanced functionality. The basic difference between this and the normal bed though is that the metal is reinforced and the sleeping area tends to be bigger. This is importance because it means that the patient is able to get more comfortable in the bed and they are well supported. It is usual for this bed to be also combined with a special mattress which can also provide added support and some will have the capability to prevent pressure sores.

Bariatric hospital beds are necessary even if the patient manages with a normal bed at home. This is because most people will spend a lot more time lying down in hospital than they would at home. This means that using a normal bed would prove extremely difficult. It could impact the patientís recovery and general health and it might even cause undue hardship and health risks for the health care worker looking after the patient. This is why most hospitals will now ensure that the patients have bariatric hospital beds if they are over a certain weight.

The Benefits of Bariatric Hospital Beds

There are many benefits to be found with bariatric hospital beds. The most noticeable benefit is that the overweight patient will find them much more comfortable than the normal bed. The fact that there is a larger lying area means that it will be easier to find a position for sleep. Many obese patients would really struggle to find a comfortable position in a standard bed. With bariatric hospital beds this is far less of a problem. Another advantage of this bed is that it provides enough support. The traditional hospital bed would not be able to manage the weight of some obese people.

When the Bariatric hospital beds are combined with the right mattress they can help prevent pressure sores. These ulcers are a common occurrence for obese patients with restricted mobility. These occur because there is long-term pressure on a certain part of the body. When a Bariatric bed is used it is easier for the patient to move around; when this is combined with a pressure relieving mattress there is much less risk of pressure sores.

Bariatric hospital beds are something that we now often see in hospitals. They provide many benefits for overweight patients who need to spend a lot of time in bed.

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