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Hospital Air Bed

There are some good reasons why a hospital air bed might be required for some patients. In fact the number of patients who are provided with this equipment seems to be growing all the time. In many instances the nursing staff will decide on a hospital air bed as a precaution but there are definitely many patients would be at risk of adverse consequences if such a bed wasn’t used. It is true that people did manage before without these new pieces of equipment, but in the past patients would often need to stay in hospital for longer periods because complications were common.

Why Does a Patient Need a Hospital Air Bed?

One of the main reasons why a patient might need a hospital air bed is to prevent pressure sores. These nasty ulcers are a common risk associated with people having to stay in bed for long periods of time. Our bodies are just not created to deal with this inactivity and so we end up developing all types of complications – including these bed sores. There are many bony parts of our body and it is often these areas that are the most at risk of developing pressure sores. We stay in the same position in the bed for a long time and this pressure on the same area decreases the amount of blood circulation to that area. The skin starts to break down and this can eventually develop into a large ulcer; this can become infected or lead to a huge area of dead tissue that needs to be removed. It can be difficult to treat these sores so it is best to always avoid them if possible. The hospital air bed can help patients do just that. The hospital air bed works be reliving pressure on the body that come about due to extended immobility. The fact that the mattress is full of air means that there is very little pressure to worry about; it is almost like floating above the bed.

Do You Need a Hospital Air Bed?

In most health care facilities it will be up to the nursing staff to decide if you need a hospital air bed. They come to this decision by doing what is known as a Waterlow Risk Assessment. If you score high on this it would indicate that you are at risk of devolving a pressure sore. Things to consider involve; your age, your weight, your skin condition, your current nutrition, and your ability to move around independently. Once it is decided that you have a substantial risk of developing a sore then you may be put on this type of bed.

There are now many people who use the hospital air bed in their home. This is for the same reason why they might use it in hospital; they are at risk of developing pressure sores. In the past there were people who developed horrific ulcers due to extended time in bed; hopefully the hospital air bed can help make this a thing of the past.

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