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Alternating Pressure Mattress

If you are on bed rest or have other restrictions on your mobility then you may be at risk of developing pressure sores. An alternating pressure mattress is specifically designed for those people who are most at risk of developing this problem. Pressure sores can be difficult to treat and make life difficult; anything that can reduce their occurrence is always welcome.

What is a Pressure Sore and why is an Alternating Pressure Mattress Required?

A pressure sore is a type of ulcer; a wound in your skin. These sores are created by pressure on certain types of the body or due to friction. There are certain parts of the body that are more prone to pressure sores than others; the sacrum is a very common area for these ulcers to develop. When you are confined to a bed it can often mean that you are in the same position for most of the time. This pressure on certain areas of the body that are touching the mattress means that the skin breaks down and a wound appears. This wound can get bigger and bigger over time unless something is done to stop further deterioration. These sores can also be caused by friction; for example if you were being moved up along the mattress without due care. An alternating pressure mattress can prevent all this.

Those people who develop a pressure sore may find that it deteriorates to such a degree that it causes a lot of damage. The skin can become dead (necrotic) and this may need to be removed. You could end up with a large hole in your body that needs daily dressings and will take a long time to heal. It is also common for these sores to become infected and this can further complicate your life. All that can be done to prevent this occurring should be done and an alternating pressure mattress can really help with this.

How Does an Alternating Pressure Mattress Work?

The great benefit of an alternating pressure mattress is that it ensures that no part of your body is constantly having pressure applied to it. The mattress is designed especially so that the pressure alternates regularly from one part of the body to another. This means that the pressure is never being applied to one area long enough for a sore to develop. These beds are now used in hospitals around the world and there has been an impressive reduction in this type of problem. When it is combined with an electric bed then there is no reason for any pressure sore to ever develop.

Do You Need an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

If you are at risk of developing pressure sores due to reduced mobility and poor nutrition then a plan will be needed to prevent this problem. If you are able to move your body regularly in the bed then you may be able to do enough to stop these sores developing. If it is going to be hard for you to move regularly then an alternating pressure mattress is probably the best solution.

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