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Paediatric Hospital Beds

Paediatric hospital beds have changed the way children are cared for in hospital. In the last few decades this furniture has benefited from all the latest technology and today these beds can have very advanced functions. The hospital environment provides particular challenges but luckily paediatric hospital beds are up to these challenges. There is no doubt that the modern hospital bed has brought many benefits to patients; not only by making their stay more comfortable but also by reducing the possibility of certain health risks associated with long-term bed rest.

Paediatric Hospital Beds Make a Big Difference to Recovery from Illness

Children are normally very active but this can change drastically when they are admitted to hospital. Their illness will mean that they just won’t have the energy or maybe even the ability to move around too much. The fact is though that the body has not been designed for long term stillness and this is why paediatric hospital beds are so often required. Having these beds means that the patient will be less likely to develop the complications associated with long-term bed rest.

Some children will be particularly ill in hospital and might not be able to do very much for themselves. Having to be moved around in the bed by strangers can be upsetting; even when the nurses try to be kind and gentle. It can also be painful if they have certain types of injury. The paediatric hospital beds these days tend to be electric and this makes moving the child much easier. In most instances it will be accomplished with the need to physically touch the child while moving them. The electric beds also come with switches or remote controls that the child will be able to operate – thus giving them the feeling of having more control.

Paediatric hospital beds tend to see a lot of movement; they will often need to be taken from one part of the hospital to another. This is because it is not always appropriate to have the child walk or be pushed in a wheel chair. If the patient is going for surgery then they will most often be taken there and back in the bed – this is necessary because the child will usually be very groggy after the anaesthetic. Paediatric hospital beds have been especially designed to make moving them easy; in some instances it will be possible for one person to push this bed without any additional help.

Some Advice if you are Thinking of Purchasing Paediatric Hospital Beds for Home

If a child need to convalesce at home or if they have some long term problem then it may be appropriate to purchase paediatric hospital beds. If there is an occupational therapist involved in the child’s care then they will usually be the one to suggest the type of bed required. Alternatively it might be a good idea to speak to a supplier; they can be very knowledgeable and helpful. In some instances you might be better off renting rather than buying this bed.

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