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Twin Hospital Bed

A twin hospital bed is sometimes necessary for those patients who are a bit overweight. In fact as obesity reaches almost epidemic proportions this type of bed is becoming an even more common sight in health care facilities. This type of bed is often referred to as a bariatric bed and they are created with reinforced steel to ensure that the bed can deal with heavier patients. A few decades ago these beds were a very rare sight indeed and many overweight patients needed to struggle with the standard sized bed – this was far from ideal and it actually led to all sorts of unwanted complications.

What is the Purpose of the Twin Hospital Bed?

We all come in different shapes and sizes but most beds are created with the average sized person in mind. This means that for some of the bigger patients it can be difficult for them to use these beds. The problem is compounded by the fact that these people are staying in bed and will likely need to spend a lot more time in bed than usual. If they are forced to stay in one of these standard sized beds it can begin to feel like torture – the last thing people want when trying to recuperate from illness. The twin hospital bed is a much better choice for this type of patient; it gives them the room they need to lie comfortably and move around in the bed as required.

It is very dangerous if a patient is stuck in the bed and unable to move much; this could even kill them. When people are immobile it means that secretions don’t get a chance to move out of the lungs; this is because we don’t tend to breathe very deeply when in this position. These secretions could easily become infected and lead to respiratory problems. When a patient is immobile in bed this can also means that blood pools in the body; this blood could clot and later move to the lungs our heart where it causes an embolism. Another huge risk is that immobility might lead to the development of pressure sores; these can be very hard to treat and can easily become infected. As you can see from this putting a patient in a bed that is too small could be easily gambling with their lives.

Thankfully because of the Twin hospital bed there is no need to take these risks and the patient can have a bigger bed where they can not only get a comfortable position in but also be able to move around in.

Twin Hospital Bed for Home

Some people choose to purchase a twin hospital bed for their home. These bariatric beds are not just bigger but also better suited for the obese person. It is preferable to use this type of bed rather than a standard twin bed because they are better able to deal with the added stress of an overweight individual – there are also other advantages as well.

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