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Hospital Bed Management

Hospital bed management is one of the most important tasks in this type of facility but it is also one of the most thankless. Nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals get all the praise and glory but most few people spare a thought for the bed manger. The reality is though that the hospital could not function without effective hospital bed management. If these people werenít able to do their job effectively then it would mean that the hospital would be chaos.

What Does Hospital Bed Management Involve?

Every day in a hospital there will be many patients being admitted and discharged from the different wards; in a big hospital this will be hundreds of people. Sometimes a patient might only need a bed for half a day while other might need one for weeks. Hospital bed management involves keeping a constant eye on the bed state so that no patient is left waiting in ER when they need to be admitted to a ward. When things go wrong everyone blames the bed manager but little is said when things go right. Hospital bed management is like juggling a lot of balls, and sometimes these balls will come tumbling down.

The amount of patient movement in a hospital is astounding; the bed manager needs to be aware of it all though. Doctors can decide at the last minute to send somebody home or they might decide that somebody that was due to go home needs to stay. This means that it is almost impossible for the bed manager to make accurate predictions about the bed-state but people will be constantly demanding that they make such predictions. It is a lot of stress but if this job wasnít down the hospital would not be able to function.

How to People Become Involved in Hospital Bed Management?

Many bed managers have a background in nursing; in fact a lot of these managers will not only work as the bed manager but also as the overall nursing supervisor. These will tend to be people who have experience with management as well as nursing. Bed management is all about managing but instead of managing people you manage beds. These professionals have to make tough judgment calls about how this vital resource is allocated. If there are two patients waiting on the same bed then it will be usually the bed manager who makes the decision. This means that the bed manager will often make unpopular decisions and so need to put up with a lot of complaints.

Some Final Thoughts on Hospital Bed Management

Most of us appreciate that doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals do a great job but it is important not to forget the bed manager. These people have one of the toughest jobs in the hospital and really are the unsung heroes. Managing beds might seem like a fairly straightforward task but it really isnít; especially when you are working in an environment that is constantly changing.

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