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Electric Hospital Beds

Electric hospital beds have made a huge difference to the way patients with mobility problems in hospitals are cared for. People who are normally fit and well can find that their ability to move can be limited following surgery or an accident that requires a hospital admission. This means that in the past they would rely heavily on hospital staff members to help them with their mobility. This wasn’t ideal though, and sometimes this manual handling could be dangerous for the patient as well as those doing the lifting. Times have changed and the new electric hospital beds have more or less made manual handling a thing of the past – or at least it is required a lot less often than in the past.

The Impact of Electric Hospital Beds

Electric hospital beds have made a huge difference to how people are cared for in health care settings. Health care professional favour them and more importantly it has made life easier for the patient. Let’s face it, few of us will feel comfortable to have other people moving our body around in the bed. If we are injured, or otherwise incapacitated, then this type of situation can leave us feeling very vulnerable. If we are overweight or have certain injuries we might even have to endure a group of people moving us around in the bed. These new electric hospital beds do away with this need; in many instances we will be able to move ourselves with the controls – no need for added help.

Many patients and nursing staff have been injured through manual handling. If a patient is being moved physically in the bed there is a risk that the shearing force might rip their skin leading to the development of a pressure sore. It is also possible that injuries can be exacerbated during these moves. It is also common for nursing and other hospital staff members to develop repetitive strain injuries from constantly needing to move patients – bad backs was once considered just part of the job. These new electric hospital beds are making a huge difference though.

Some Final Thoughts on Electric Hospital Beds

We are lucky to live in an age when there is a lot of technology that can bring benefits to our lives. One area of life to really benefit from all this new technology is our health. Hospitals have always been at the forefront of any new innovations that can help with health care; so they have been the first to benefit from electric beds. It is now becoming common though for people to install these electric hospital beds in their homes as well. This modern type of furniture can make a huge difference to people’s lives and it is little wonder that they would choose to benefit from it. Sleep and rest is vital for those of us who wish to remain health and these electric beds can help us find the perfect position so that we can rest. It also means that when our mobility is restricted we can be moved in the bed without the need to be physically handled.

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