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Hospital Bed Accessories

Hospital bed accessories make it possible to further adapt beds to make them even more beneficial to the patient. In fact when you see some of these beds you might be tempted into thinking that you are looking at something out of a spaceship. The number of hospital bed accessories is growing by the year. Here are just a few hospital bed accessories you might see.
  • Pressure relieving mattress. This important accessory is necessary for some patients who might be at risk of pressure sores. These are a type of ulcer that occurs when there is constant pressure on one part of the body. They are also referred to as bed sores and they can make recovery from illness and surgery difficult. It is possible for these ulcers to become really large and they will often become infected. The pressure relieving mattress works by providing something to sleep on that doesnít put too much pressure on the skin.
  • Monkey Pole. Monkey poles have been around for a long time but they can be a very useful accessory. It is possible to install this accessory at the top of the bed and the patient will be able to use this to assist themselves when moving around in the bed. This is important because lack of mobility can cause problems and the nursing staff arenít always around to help with a move. The money pole is often used for people with broken legs or those who have had a stroke that led to reduced mobility. The monkey pole may be an old device but it remains one of the most used hospital bed accessories.
  • IV Fluid Stand. The modern bed will have an IV stand that fits directly into the bed frame. This is useful because it makes it easier to move the patient around if they need to travel around the hospital by bed. In the past it would be necessary to push the poll and the bed separately or else completely disconnect the tubes coming off the IV stand. This is one of the simplest yet useful hospital bed accessories.
  • Remote Control. Some of the modern electric beds come with a remote control that allows the patient to create the best possible sleeping position. Using the remote control they will be able to adjust the top of the bed, the bottom of the bed, and even the centre of the bed. This is so useful and does away with the need to call for assistance when wanting to move.
There you have just a selection of the most common hospital bed accessories. There are many more and new ones are appearing all the time; some beds even come with a slide out laptop or television similar to what you might find on a long-haul airplane. All these hospital bed accessories improve the comfort of the patient and in many instances they also functions that reduce the risk of different complications. Patients spend so much of their time in hospital in bed that these innovations are vital.

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