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Low Hospital Beds

All the patients in a hospital are different and will have their own unique needs. One of their requirements might be that they need low hospital beds. All hospital beds are adjustable when it comes to height but most will have a limit as to how low they can go. This means that there will be patients who struggle to use them this could even delay their recovery. Luckily it is now possible to have low hospital beds and most of the best health care facilities will have these for patients who need them.

Independence Innov8 Low Hospital Bed

SKU Part Number: INNOV8/LOW/AQ

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £3,741.10

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Why are Low Hospital Beds Needed?

There are many reasons why a patient might require one of these low hospital beds; here are just some of them
  • Some patients can be very confused and this may mean they are at risk of falls. In the past this has been dealt with by putting up cot sides but this can actually make things worse; patients may climb over the bars due to their confusion. If this happens they can fall and break bones or hit their heads. Many patients get confused in hospital; this may be due to disease related deterioration, a reaction to drugs, recovering from an anaesthetic, or a head injury. Putting these patients in low hospital beds can be a good idea because they will then not fall so far if they do get out of the bed.
  • Some patients are quite small in height this means that they might find it hard standing up from the average sized bed. Those who are recovering from injury or have had something like a stroke can find getting mobile again a real struggle. If the bed is too high this will make things even more difficult. With low hospital beds the smaller person will be able to sit on the edge of the bed and their feet will touch the ground; this will make it a lot easier to stand up.

    Tips for Those Looking for Low Hospital Beds for Their Home

    These days there are many people who choose to get low hospital bed for their home; this might be for them to use themselves to use or for a loved one. These low hospital beds might only be needed for a short time or for much longer if the individual has some type of long term illness. Here are a few tips for purchasing low hospital beds.
    • This type of purchase should be considered carefully; if possible you should enlist the help of an occupational therapist. Failing this you could also seek advice from the bed manufacturers. These people tend to be friendly and will normally offer sound advice.
    • Always consider your space at home before making this purchase; get out your measuring tape and make sure the bed is going to fit.
    • If you only need low hospital beds in the short term then you might be a lot better off to rent than to buy check out the prices of both options and compare.

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