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Hospital Bed Size

Hospital bed size is important because patients need to be comfortable during their stay in hospital. This is why a lot of thought has gone into creating different hospital beds that fit different sizes or that can be adjusted for different body shapes. Every hospital will have access to beds of all types that they can use for patients who have special requirements. Those people who are thinking of purchasing such furniture for their homes will also need to consider hospital bed size.

Why Hospital Bed Size is Important

When we stay in hospital you usually spend a lot more time in bed than we would at home. This means that it is even more important that the bed is comfortable. If you had to spend a few days lying in a bed that was too small it would begin to feel like a torture device – this wouldn’t be very beneficial towards your recovery. This is why so much effort goes into creating hospital beds that are going to be comfortable for every type of patient – no matter what our size.

It isn’t just about comfort though hospital bed size is important because put the patient in the wrong bed could be damaging to their health and slow down their recovery. It might mean that they are unable to get a comfortable position where they can breathe fully; this will mean they are more susceptible to chest infections. The wrong side bed might also mean that the patient is more at risk of developing pressure sores. These ulcers can be hard to treat and occur when the patient is unable to move. Spending time in a hospital bed that is too small could all lead to the formation of a deep vein thrombosis that could travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism – in order words the wrong bed could actually kill the patient.

How to Choose Hospital Bed Size

The hospital bed size is often considered even before the patient is brought onto the ward. This type of information is obtained during admission. The nurses will almost always try to establish the hospital bed size that is needed and have this ready. For the vast majority the standard bed will be appropriate; even if the patient is very tall it will be possible to remove the foot of the bed and add an extension. If the patient is obese though, they might require a bariatric bed. These bariatric types are a larger hospital bed size that also comes with reinforced steel to deal with added strain. Trying to put a very large patient in a standard bed would leave them feeling uncomfortable and could easily be damaging to their health.

As you can see considerations should always be made about hospital bed size when any patient is being admitted to a health care facility. Luckily these days there are many different types of bed and there is sure to be something to suit patients no matter what their needs.

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