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Hospital Trolleys

If you visit any main health care facility you are likely to see hospital trolleys whisking people about from one department to another. People are always on the go in hospitals and those who are going to be unsteady on their feet will often be taking by the hospital trolleys. There can sometimes be so many patients being moved around the corridors on hospital trolleys that it can begin to feel like a busy highway.

Why are Hospital Trolleys Needed?

Maybe you are wondering as to the need of hospital trolleys? After all, why canít they just move patients around in wheelchairs or in the hospital bed? There are some good reasons why hospital trolleys are needed and we will examine these here.
  • Hospitals are really busy places and if all the patients who were immobile were to be moved around in their hospital bed then it would lead to chaos in the corridors. You do see patients being moved around in beds but it really isnít deal. In most hospitals you would have huge traffic jams if everyone was to be moved around in beds. It just wouldnít be practical.
  • It is much easier to transfer patients around on hospital trolleys then it is by beds. Even though hospital beds have been designed to be easily moved they are still cumbersome. It can be a real headache getting hospital beds down narrow corridors and into lifts.
  • It takes two people to push a hospital bed but it is possible for only one porter to manage a hospital trolley alone. These trolleys are simple to manoeuvre and they are very light.
  • It is a lot faster to move people around by hospital trolleys than by bed.
As you can see there are some really good reasons why it is better to take patients by hospital trolleys rather than beds.

Why Canít Patients Be Taking Around by Wheelchair?

Perhaps you are wondering why they just donít take patients around by wheelchair rather than wasting time with hospital trolleys. There are some good reasons for this as well.
  • Many patients are on bed rest which means they need to be confined to the lying down position.
  • Some patients might have balance and coordination problems that would make it difficult to transfer them into a wheelchair. It is much easier for them to be moved around by trolley.
  • If a patient who is confused needs to be moved around the hospital it is far simpler to do this by trolley. If this person were in a wheelchair they might be at risk of falls or other injuries.
  • Those patients who are going to or coming back from the operating theatre need to be on hospital trolleys because their balance will be compromised. Many surgical patients will receive a pre-med even before going to theatre and afterwards they will likely still be groggy due to the effects of the anaesthesia. In order to avoid accidents it is necessary to transfer them by hospital trolleys.

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