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Hospital Cot

If you visit any paediatric wards you will likely see hospital cots. These babyís beds may look similar to the type of thing that people have in their homes but a hospital cot is usually especially designed for this type of environment. It just would not be appropriate for a standard cot to be used in a health care setting and there are some good reasons why this is so. In fact the benefits of this furniture arenít just restricted to health care facilities; you will now sometimes see people buying or renting these for their home.

What is So Special about a Hospital Cot?

The most important thing with a hospital cot is that it has to be easy to clean. We are not just talking here about removing dirt; these cots need to be kept as bug free as possible. This is easy to appreciate when we think about it. Your average hospital will have people arriving every day with all types of illnesses; visitors will also bring bugs in with them when they visit patients. This is why a health care facility has the potential to be a breeding ground for all types of nasty microscopic life. If care isnít taken then this could easily mean that patients pick up many unwanted viruses and bugs; this is particular dangerous with young children who may have a compromised immune system.

The hospital cot uses material that can be easily wiped down and disinfected. This furniture doesnít use materials that would easily become a home for microscopic life. This wouldnít be such a problem at home but it certainly is in hospital. The hospital cot will be cleaned regularly during the childís stay and when they go home it will be completely disinfected for the next patient.

As well as the hygiene aspect there are also other good reasons why a hospital cot is different from the regular cot. For one thing it needs to be mobile because the child may frequently need to be taken to other parts of the hospital; it might not always be possible to remove them from the cot. This furniture not only comes with wheels but it has been specifically designed to make it easy to manoeuvre around. A home cot can sometimes have wheels but it will usually not be as manoeuvrable as the hospital cot.

Another important attribute of the hospital cot is that it needs to be able to be used in conjunction with various types of hospital equipment. Things like drip stands and monitoring equipment. Some of the more advanced hospital cots have actually been specially designed to more easily accommodate these.

Some Final Thoughts on the Hospital Cot

As you can see the hospital cot is perfect for hospitals and has been especially designed for this environment. It would just not be appropriate to use a standard cot in the hospital setting. This furniture might cost a bit more than your average cot but it is well worth the money.

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