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Surgery Bed

If you need to have any type of operation then the chances are that you will be taking to hospital on a surgery bed. These beds are just your normal hospital beds, but some will be far more high tech than others. Even if you donít go to the theatre on a surgery bed in most instances this is how you will be returned to the ward; your bed will be brought down to the recovery room to wait for you.

Why is a Surgery Bed Required?

If you are undergoing surgery with a general anaesthetic then you will be groggy for at least a few hours after you have woken up. Even if you havenít been put to sleep it will often be necessary for you to have some type of sedation. The effect of this can be anywhere to feeling mildly drunk to being unable to stand. For safety then it is important that you are returned to the ward in a surgery bed; otherwise you would be at risk of falls and other unpleasantness. It is also much nicer to be returned to the ward in a surgery bed as most of us donít feel like we have too much energy following surgery.

Hospital beds have been designed to fit the special circumstances of being in hospital. Many people who have undergone an operation may have reduced mobility afterwards and this may mean that they have to spend a lot of time lying down. These surgery beds have been especially designed to deal with the complications of long term bed rest. This is because if you were to just recuperate on a standard bed you would be at risk of all types of complications such as blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, pressure sores, and chest infections. Hospital beds have been specifically designed to reduce the chance of these complications arising. The other great thing about surgery beds though is the fact that they are so manoeuvrable. In the larger hospitals there can be an almost constant stream of these beds moving between the wards and he operating department. These beds have been specifically designed to deal with this and are easy to move with two people; it is even possible for one person to push a bed although this isnít advisable.

The Special Surgery Bed

Even though you may have arrived on a standard bed it might be that you return to the ward on a special surgery bed. This is because your requirements have now changed and you might require something special like an electric bed or pressure relieving mattress. It can be strange waking up in a different bed than what you went to sleep in but in most instances you will be warned in advance by the hospital staff. Sometimes though unexpected things happen in surgery and even though the hospital staff did not foresee that you would need a special bed that you end up needing this. This might only be a temporary change though for your initial recuperation period.

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