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Double Hospital Bed

Hospital beds serve a very important function. It would just not be suitable for normal beds to be used in these health care settings; in fact it would leave to all types of unwanted complications. What many people may not realize though is that there are in fact many different types of this kind of hospital furniture; patients will have different needs so different beds will need to be provided. One example of such a special requirement would be those patients who require a double hospital bed.

What is a Double Hospital Bed?

Double hospital beds are needed for those patients who are too big to fit in a normal sized bed. As obesity continues to become an increasing problem around the world there is an increasing call for this type of double hospital bed. The most used of this type of hospital is the bariatric bed; this is not only a double hospital bed but it is also reinforced to handle the larger patient. In most instances those patient who require a bigger bed will be obese so the bariatric beds are ideal for this. If you were to use a normal sized bed then it could mean that the not only will life be harder for the patient but also the health care staff looking after them.

Double hospital beds can sometimes be electrically controlled. This type of bed is very easy because it makes it so much easier for the patient to find a comfortable position. With a normal bed the patient might need to use things like pillows to prop themselves up, but with these electric bed it can all be done with a click of the switch. This also avoids having to manhandle the patient into position and risk damaging the backs of health care staff.

The Benefits of the Double Hospital Bed

There are some great benefits to be had by using the double hospital bed. The most obvious one is that it is a lot more comfortable for the patient. They are not trying to squeeze into a bed that is too small with legs over the end of the bed or spilling out over the sides. In order to recuperate in hospital a good night sleep is vital. Sleeping in a bed that is too small will make this impossible. The double hospital bed is going to be far more appropriate in this type of situation.

The other important benefit of the double hospital bed is that it will help prevent complications that can occur due to restricted mobility. This bed will be even more effective at this if it is combined with a pressure relieving mattress. There are huge dangers associated with being stuck in a bed that is too small including; increased risk of respiratory infections, pressure sores, the development of deep vein thrombosis and other complications. Using the right sized bed is not only desirable in a health care setting but it is crucial failure to do so could be putting the patient at risk.

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