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Electric Profiling Beds

One of the most important things when caring for people is maintaining patient dignity. One of the worst things about being in hospital is that patients feel they have lost their autonomy; they can feel like they are at the mercy of those caring for them. The health care staff members try their best but it is hard to keep autonomy when you are so dependent on other people. One of the most uncomfortable things can be the need for manual handling. Those patients who had strokes or accidents will often find their mobility is severely limited; they need to be moved by the nursing staff. This can be very humiliating and many patients feel traumatized afterwards. Thankfully the arrival of the electric profiling beds has meant an end to this discomfort and infringement on patient dignity.

The Difference That Comes from Electric Profiling Beds

Electric profiling beds do away with the need to manual move patients. This new technology means that most moving can be achieved by pressing a button on the bed or on a remote control. In many instances the patient will be able to take charge of the whole operation and find the position in the bed that they feel most comfortable with. This is such an improvement on how things used to be and has help those staying in hospital to feel more empowered. Just providing these beds can make such a huge difference to peopleís mentality; instead of feeling at the mercy of the hospital they can feel more part of their own recovery.

Electric profiling beds also mean that there is no much less risk of accidental injury than in the past. When patients are being physically moved around in the bed by other people there is always the risk that damage could occur during the lifting. If the patient has a damaged limb then this could be manhandled. There is also a huge risk that tubes or other equipment might be removed when manual handling. It is also certain that stress of having people move them in the bed is not going to be doing the patient much good either. It really isnít a good way to do things and this is why electric profiling beds are such a welcome development.

Over the years many nurses have needed to retire early because of damage to their backs which they developed due to moving patients. This is not only bad news for the nurse but also the hospital as well; it means that many competent staff members have left long before they would otherwise need to. Anything that prevents this is welcome and this is another benefit of electric profiling beds.

Some Final Thoughts on Electric Profiling Beds

Electric profiling beds have made a huge difference in health care. Most modern hospitals will now only use this type of bed for those patients who have mobility problems. Hopefully in the near future there will be an end to all cases of patients needed to suffer the indignity of being moved manually.

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