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Bariatric Bed

A bariatric bed is ideally suited for those people who are overweight and need to spend a lot of time in bed. These beds are extensively used in hospital settings but they can also be found in people’s homes. We now live in a period of time when obesity is a problem for many people; this means that there is an increasing need for bariatric beds. Failure to provide this type of bed to those who need it can not only be putting the patient’s health at risk but also those caring for them.

What is a Bariatric Bed?

Bariatric beds are specifically designed for people who are overweight. This furniture comes with a reinforced frame and has a larger sleeping area than your average hospital bed. This type of bed is especially designed so that it can be used in conjunction with pressure relieving mattresses and other technology that might be required for an obese patient. There are different examples of this bed that have been created to suit the needs of different people.

The Benefits of a Bariatric Bed

A standard bed is usually not appropriate for an obese patient. This is especially true if the person in question needs to be confined to bed. Failure to provide the right type of bed might not only mean that the patient is uncomfortable but it can also hinder recovery from illness and potentially lead to serious health problems. Those who are on bed rest are at risk of many health complications such as pressure sores and respiratory infections; those who are obese and using an inappropriate bed will be more at risk of these.

The other benefit of bariatric beds is that it makes it a lot easier for the user to move about or to be assisted with this if their mobility is restricted. These beds are usually easy to adjust and some of the most modern ones make it possible to move a patient without any need for manual handling. It is all done by a remote control or switch on the bed. This is highly advantageous because obese patients are at risk when they are moved manually and the health care workers also risk damaging their own backs.

Bariatric Beds in the Home

Bariatric beds are not only used frequently in hospitals but they can now often be seen in people’s homes. There are many people who are obese and would just not be suitable for a standard bed. These modern devices can ensure that they get a comfortable night sleep at home. Having these beds available has been a real life changer for a lot of people because they make things so much easier.

Obesity is likely to remain a problem around the world for many years to come – in fact current trends show that it is increasing at an alarming rate. It seems like then that more people will be using bariatric beds in the future. It is good that technology is able to keep up with the changing needs of society.

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