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Electric Adjustable Beds

The modern hospital benefits from all different types of technology. All these different devices and machinery are used to ensure that any visit to or stay in the hospital will lead to the best possible outcome. Our bodies are complex systems so complicated machinery is often needed to help us. One piece of technology that has really changed the way hospitals function are electric adjustable beds. These have made live so much easier for both the patient and the health care staff members. In fact these electric adjustable beds are so impressive that many people now have them installed in their homes.

What are Electric Adjustable Beds?

In the past it could be difficult to make a patient comfortable in bed. The old fashioned bed came with head extension that could be lifted out when the patient wanted to sit up, you could also tilt the bed backwards, and it could be higher and lowered – other than that there wasn’t much you could do with them. These new electric adjustable beds though allow you to do a lot more than this. It is possible to adjust not only the angle of the head but in most cases you can also adjust the foot and even the centre of the bed. This is all down with the click of a switch and some beds even have a remote control. It is also very easy to change the height of the bed – no need for the nurse to push up and down on a pedal.

What are the Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds?

There are many great benefits to be had by using these new electric adjustable beds. The most important one is that they make it easier for the patient to find a comfortable position. During a stay in hospital most people will be spending a lot more time in bed than usual; this can make it hard to get comfortable. In the past there would be attempts to remedy the situation by the clever use of pillows but this was only ever a temporary solution – these pillows always slip down. It is often necessary for the patient to sleep in an upright position so this can mean that they have to keep waking up to readjust their position. The new electric adjustable beds do away with this need. The position can be changed with the click of a switch.

The other great advantage of electric adjustable beds is that they help to do away with the need to physically move a patient. Some people are able to do very little for themselves due to an injury or illness and so in the past they would need to be physically moved. This was unpleasant for them and dangerous for the health care staff – back problems are common. These new electric adjustable beds mean that the position can be changed in most instances without the need to even touch the patient. It also means that those patients would normally be dependent on other people now have the control back in their hands.

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