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Why Are Hospital Beds Used

Why Are Hospital Beds Used

Anyone that has been to a hospital, clinic or nursing home is likely to have seen a hospital bed in use, there are hundreds of thousands of these types of bed in the UK and they are massively important in the healthcare sector, both for patients and doctors. One frequently asked question surrounding this type of specialist bed is “why are hospital beds used?” this is a fair question, with a shortage of available NHS beds and the demand for hospital beds on the increase, why is it not possible to use a regular bed similar to those in the home? There are numerous reasons why hospital beds are massively important to both patients and caregivers and why they are designed in the way that they are.

Why are hospital beds used over regular beds?

A hospital is a challenging environment and beds are needed to match this environment, it is likely that a regular bed would not live up to the task.

A major policy in hospitals is cleanliness, furniture and equipment must be kept free from bacteria and germs at all times to prevent infections being spread. Hundreds or even thousands of people enter a hospital each and every day with different ailments and conditions, these can easily be spread and it is important that a bed is made from material that is both easy to clean and does not attract bacteria and viruses. Hospital beds are designed in exactly this way and can be cleaned quickly and easily a regular bed is not designed for this kind of environment and would present risks.

Why are hospital beds ugly?

Another query of people asking “why are hospital beds used?” is that beds look ugly and uncomfortable. The fact is they are not likely to be as comfortable as a bed at home but are perfectly suited to the hospital environment and the long term care of patients. Hospital beds are not just furniture to allow patients to rest during their stay in a facility; they also play a vital role in a patient’s recovery time.

Most people are conditioned to spend most of their time out of bed, when in hospital this role is reversed and a patient will rarely (if at all) leave the bed, this is where the design becomes important. Lying down for long periods of time is not recommended by medical professionals as doing so increases the risks of developing conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, pressure sores and respiratory infections. Hospital beds have been designed to reduce to risk of any of these conditions from occurring and are built to allow the head and feet to be raised up and down as required. The ability for a bed to be elevated as required is essential for both the comfort and treatment of a patient.

Another factor in “why are hospital beds used over regular beds” is the fact they are designed with wheels which allows them to be moved freely around a hospital without affecting the patient, this is something that would not be possible with a cumbersome single or double bed from home.

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