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Where To Buy Stairlifts

Where To Buy Stairlifts

Stairlifts are one of the most widely used pieces of mobility equipment on the market and play an important role in the everyday lives of many people. Having a stairlift installed in the home can give back a person the independence that was lost when climbing the stairs was no longer a possibility. It is also a cost effective alternative to the possibility of having a home adapted so that only one floor is required or moving home entirely.

There are many benefits that are provided with stairlifts and excellent features are available on all variations. There are numerous reputable suppliers in the UK that specialise the providing and installing stairlifts so the question of “where to buy stairlifts?” is not a problem.

Consultation for stairlift

When deciding where to buy stairlifts it may be that you require an initial consultation. A consultation is provided by many companies free of charge and a company trying to charge for the service should be avoided.

The process of a consultation works by a company sending an expert to your home in order to discuss the available options with you and take detailed measurements of the staircase. Not every stairlift system can be applied to every staircase and in the event that a staircase is curved, has corners or a half-landing; a custom curved stairlift will be needed. A curved stairlift will be measured, designed and manufactured based on the individual requirements of the staircase and the user. In these cases, a consultation is essential.

At the end of the consultation you will be provided with a quote for the supply and installation of your stairlift. This quote should be no-obligation and you should be under no pressure to purchase a stairlift if you feel that the company or product is not suited to you.

Shopping around for stairlifts

Before deciding on where to buy stairlifts, you should make sure that you have shopped around accordingly for the best deal to suit your requirements. It is recommended that you gather four of five quotes from reputable companies before deciding which to go with. The company that is right for you should be in the position of offering a complete package which should include installation times and product features, as well as aftercare service.

Seeking professional advice

It is also recommended that you seek professional advice before looking at where to buy stairlifts. If you are leaving or have recently left hospital, it can be wise to speak with an occupational therapist; they will be able to recommended products and companies that will be ideally suited to your needs. It is always recommended to select a manufacturer of stairlifts that holds the British Healthcare Trades Association accreditation as well as OFT Code of Conduct approval. These will ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of service.

Stannah stairlifts

When looking at where to buy stairlifts, many people will come across Stannah, this company is the market leader and most well regarded manufacturer and supplier of stairlifts in the UK. They also have numerous show rooms where customers can benefit from a ‘try before you buy’ service.

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