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Where To Buy Hospital Beds

Where To Buy Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are a common sight in hospitals and clinics across the UK and play a major role in modern health care. Beds are needed by thousands of people each day and are designed to cope with the strenuous environment of a hospital. A hospital bed is designed to provide comfort to patients and also plays a vital role in the treatment and recovery process.

Hospital beds are now becoming more popular outside of hospitals and other health care facilities with a growing number of people opting for this specialist item of furniture in the home to help with recovery following a stay in hospital or to serve a purpose for specific sleeping requirements. Having this type of bed in the home can be extremely beneficial; the question is “where to buy hospital beds?” Obviously, hospital beds are not as widely available to the general public as regular beds and it is unlikely that you are going to find one at your local bed supplier. That is not to say there are not options available to you.

Consulting a care team about hospital beds

A good place to start out on your quest to find out where to buy hospital beds is to consult the professionals. Doctors, nurses and occupational therapists will be familiar with your condition and will be able to recommend the correct type of bed for your situation. Hospital beds come in many variations and with different features, not every bed will be suited to your needs. On some occasions there may be only a short term need for the bed and hiring, as opposed to buying could prove the best option. A hospital bed can be a very expensive investment and it is important to make the right choice, talking through the options with professionals and in particular an occupational therapist is recommended.

Hospital bed retailers

A good resource for finding out where to buy hospital beds is the internet. Beds can be extremely costly, especially for high end and brand new models, the internet give the chance to shop around at find the best prices available. There are a number of online retailers that specialise in hospital beds that are suited to various requirements. Most retailers provide the bed frame only and it is important when budgeting that the price of the mattress is factored into the cost.

Care Essentials are a recommended supplier of hospital beds and regularly supply beds and other care equipment to the NHS through their parent group Cordate Healthcare. Care Essentials have a whole range of modern beds that are available both manually and electronically controlled, they also provide free delivery across mainland UK. Products can be found at

Betterlife Healthcare is another leading supplier of beds and the ideal choice for anyone on the lookout for where to buy hospital beds. Betterlife have a wide range of different beds at reasonable prices and all brand new. Each bed also comes guaranteed. All available beds can be found at  

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