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Where Are Hospital Beds Used

Where Are Hospital Beds Used

Hospital beds come in an array of different types and with numerous features to suit all requirements. The overall aim of the hospital bed is to provide comfort for the patient and allow them to rest comfortably; the design of the beds also favour the care givers who are able to adjust the bed as required to provide adequate treatment with ease and with impacting on the comfort of the patient.

One common question surrounding hospital beds is “where are hospital beds used?” The most obvious answer to this question is of course, in hospitals but there are many other sectors of healthcare that regularly have a need for hospital beds of some variation.

Hospital beds in hospitals

Hospitals are large buildings and have many different wards and departments providing a whole range of different care, surgical procedures and rehabilitation. In answering “where are hospital beds used?” in hospitals, almost every department throughout the hospital will use a bed of some form. Departments include:
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Maternity ward
  • Intensive care
  • Surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Out-patients
Beds in hospitals are in constant demand; this is especially true in the case of NHS hospitals. A big part of “where are hospital beds used?” is the effective distribution of beds and ensuring that beds are available when required, this job falls to a bed manager.
The bed manager is essential to the organised running of a hospital and without the process of bed management a hospital would descend into chaos. Different patients enter hospitals with different conditions; some may require a bed for just a few hours or half a day whereas others may need a bed for weeks. The bed manager is required to be aware of all of the movement, in-comings and out-goings in the hospital, with doctors often making last-minute decisions on whether a patient can go home or needs to extend a stay in a ward, bed managers must keep eyes and ears open at all times.

Hospital beds in nursing homes

“Where are hospital beds used?” can also be answered in another sector of healthcare: nursing homes. Hospital beds in nursing homes are used for the care and treatment of long term residents. Beds with side rails are often important in nursing homes and are used to provide both safety and security to patients. Side rails are designed to be easily adjustable and can be raised in height as required; they can prevent a patient from falling from the bed as-well as giving a sense of security; however they are not recommended for all occasions. Bed rails have been known to cause entrapment and some patients suffer from a feeling of isolation and may suffer problems getting to the toilet.

Hospital beds in homes

“Where are hospital beds used?” can also be applied to domestic homes. Sometimes following a long term hospital stay, patients may require the short term need of a hospital bed to aid in recuperation. Other common reason is for people with specific sleeping requirements to use a hospital bed for comfort.

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