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When Are Hospital Beds Used

When Are Hospital Beds Used

There are hundreds of thousands of hospital beds in the UK and such is their commonness they are often taken for granted. This type of specialist bed is an important part of services in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics across the country, there are also many people that use a hospital bed at home following long term hospital stay and on-going care requirements.

Although hospital beds are common, they are not always required in every circumstance, leading to the question of “when are hospital beds used?”

When is the need for a hospital bed required?

Hospital beds are needed across many sectors of the healthcare industry, they are used for both long and short term patients in hospitals, nursing home residents and patients undergoing any kind of surgical procedure. The answer to “when are hospital beds used?” may be best summed up in the definition of what a hospital bed actually is.

The NHS Business Definitions guide states that:
“A Hospital Bed includes any device that may be used to permit a patient to lie down when the need to do so is as a consequence of the patient's condition rather than the need for active intervention such as examination, diagnostic investigation, manipulation/treatment, or transport.”

There are numerous reasons why a patient is required to lie down because of their condition. Many forms of surgery procedure are carried out under general anaesthesia meaning the patient is asleep throughout the operation. In these circumstances the answer to “when are hospital beds used?” would be every time. The design of a hospital bed is important in surgical procedures; modern beds are designed to have three electronically controlled segments which can be adjusted, the height of the bed can also be altered to a suitable height which favours the surgeon. Hospital beds also come with wheels which are beneficial for allowing an immobile patient to be transferred from a ward to an operating theatre without the need for leaving the bed. The bed may also be moved to help with the operating procedure; wheels can also be locked so that a bed can remain stationary.

There are numerous other occasions when hospital beds are used in hospitals, departments from accident and emergency to intensive care utilise beds for patients. Long term patients will be provided with a bed with comes with extras to improve comfort and help with treatment.

Another area that comes into play when answering “when are hospital beds used?” is patients that have recently left hospital. On some occasions, patients may need the use of a hospital bed in the home to help with recuperation; this may be the case after particularly long hospital stays. Hospital beds in the home may also be needed for a person that special sleeping requirements or someone who receives regular nursing care.

Hospital beds are used regularly in nursing homes and provide comfort to elderly and disabled residents. They are also beneficial for safety purposes with side rails keeping a patient safe and secure.

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