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What Are Hospital Beds Used For

What Are Hospital Beds Used For

There are millions of hospital beds across the world and the demand in the UK for the availability of beds is constant. Hospital beds can be seen in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, nursing and residential homes and even domestic homes and come in many different types to serve differing purposes. With so many different uses for beds, a frequently asked question is “what are hospital beds used for?” The answer to this question will depend on the patient and the kind of treatment they are receiving.

General use of hospital beds

The main objective of hospital beds and the closest answer to “what are hospital beds used for?” is to provide comfort and stability to a patient and aid in their care. Beds are also important for the care team of the patient as their design allows care and treatment to be administered quickly and easily without causing the patient difficulty.

Hospital beds in hospitals

The most common place for hospital beds is in a hospital and both private and NHS hospitals across the UK rely heavily on the practicality of beds. The most common form of bed in hospitals is the three segment adjustable bed, this type of bed allows a patient or carer to electronically (or manually) elevate the bed at the head and feet to help with comfort and provide aid with ailments. Beds are also designed to elevate at full length which is often required when transferring a patient to another bed or during surgery when the bed is raised to a height suitable for the surgeon.

A major part of “what are hospital beds used for?” when in hospital surroundings is to move a patient around to different rooms and wards without them having to leave the comfort of the bed. This is done through the use of wheels which can be locked when the bed is stationary.

Hospital beds in hospitals are used for both day and overnight patients, those that require a longer term stay in hospital will generally be provided with a bed that is equipped with added features, these include added food tray for meals and controls that can be used to call the doctor or nurse and operate nearby electronic devices such as the television.
Side rails also play and important part in “what are hospital beds used for?” Most hospital beds are designed to have side rails included at either side of the bed, this feature is beneficial to helping patients feel more secure in the bed and prevents the risk of falling. Side rails can be raised and lowered as required to allow a patient to leave the bed or when care is being given.

Hospital beds in homes

Hospital beds are generally used for the same purpose in nursing homes as they are as hospitals but they are generally more favourable to the patient in terms of long term comfort. Patients leaving hospital to be cared for at home may also use a hospital bed to aid in recovery and provide comfort.

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