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Types Of Hospital Beds

Types Of Hospital Beds

The health care industry relies heavily on the use of hospital beds for patients and they are beneficial to the comfort and treatment of patient during their stay in a facility. Hospital beds are used for various reasons and the need for this specialist piece of furniture can be required for anything from a few hours to a few years. The demand for hospital beds is constantly on the increase in the UK, especially in hospitals, there are also a growing number of people that are opting for this type of bed in the home to help with recuperation following a hospital stay or to benefit specific sleeping requirements.

There are numerous types of hospital beds in use in the UK and designs can be suited to a particular patient or condition.

Electric hospital beds

Electric beds are the most popular amongst types of hospital beds and the majority of modern beds will be operated using an electronic control panel. Electric beds vary in features and can cater to specific needs, if you are someone that is considering purchasing a bed of this kind then it is worth noting that they do not come cheap, especially when new, although there is a large market for used beds and the opportunity to hire, will suit anyone with a short term need.

An electronic bed generally comes with two and five part controls (although three and four are also available). A five part controlled bed is commonly used for patients with severe back problems and the bed can be adjusted to a position that the patient find comfortable. Two part controls are the more common of the two and are suitable for patients that require only the head to be elevated.

There are many benefits to the electric bed, the main one being comfort with the head and feet able to be elevated for maximum comfort. Another benefit is the freedom that the bed gives a patient by allowing them to adjust the upper part of the bed for eating, drinking or watching television. Carers also benefit from these types of hospital beds and can easily provide treatment without straining.

Bariatric hospital beds

People that are severely overweight often enter hospital to undergo bariatric surgical procedures or to receive specialist treatment. To be classed as morbidly obese a man will weigh 45kg while women will weigh 35kg, a regular hospital bed would not be suitable for patients of this size and specialist beds are required. These types of hospital beds are beneficial in providing comfort and helping in the recovery of obese patients.

A bariatric bed is designed with a frame that is reinforced and designed to suit larger patients; the actual size of the bed is also greatly increased for comfort. Bariatric beds are also mostly electronically controlled to allow care givers to achieve a suitable position for the patients comfort and so that treatment can be given easily. Bariatric beds also require a larger area of clearance with room for hoists needed when required.

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