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How Are Hospital Beds Used

How Are Hospital Beds Used

Many people at some point will have visited a form of health care facility in the UK; it is likely that during their visit they came across a hospital bed. Many people that encounter hospital beds for the first time are struck by the how they differ from a regular bed and ask the question “how are hospital beds used?” There are numerous reasons why hospital beds are used in health care and why they are required over a standard bed used in the home.

The need for hospital beds

There is a large demand for hospital beds in the UK, this is particularly the case in NHS hospitals where demand often out numbers available beds. The broad answer to “how are hospital beds used?” is that they are needed to provide comfort for a patient and help to ease symptoms of a condition being suffered. They are also designed to allow caregivers easy access to the patient and can be adjusted as required so that treatment can be given easily.

Hospital beds are designed a lot differently to standard beds in the home and the design plays a big role in the patient’s ability to recover from illness. Hospital beds are made to be easy to clean and are made from material that does not attract bacteria and germs, this is incredibly important as beds are regularly used by different patients on a daily basis. Most hospital beds are fully adjustable in three segments and head, feet or full body can be elevated as required either for comfort or treatment, this is something that is not possible with a regular bed.

Beds are electronically controlled and can be adjusted by both patient and caregiver, this is vital to prevent conditions such as deep-vein-thrombosis and pressure sores. Lying down for long periods is not something that people are used, but is something that is done regularly in hospitals. Lying on a regular bed is not recommended over long periods because of the conditions that can be caused; this is why the design of a hospital bed is important.

Hospital beds movement

Another benefit to not when answering “how are hospital bed used?” is the fact that beds are easy to move around the hospital. On many occasions patients are too unwell to be transported from one ward to another by walking or wheelchair, it may also be too risky with particular conditions. For this reason hospital beds are made with casters that allow a patient to be transferred in their bed, all corridors, lifts and doors in hospitals are designed to allow plenty of room for beds to be manoeuvred.

What conditions require hospital beds?

When answering “how are hospital beds used?” it is important to understand that not all patients in hospital will require a bed. Beds are used to help those people that have a condition that leaves them too weak to walk freely. They are also used in other areas of healthcare such as nursing homes to provide safety and security to a resident, something which a regular bed cannot provide.

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