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Function Of Hospital Beds

Function Of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds provide benefits to millions of people across the world each year; they are used throughout the world to provide comfort and care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

The modern hospital bed in designed to provide comfort to patients and allow treatment and care to be administered easily by doctors, nurses and care teams. The function of hospital beds allows them to be adjusted as required to suit a patient’s needs, they are also available in many variations with manual and electronic controls as-well as extras to suit both patient and care worker.

Hospital bed wheels

In the function of hospital beds, wheels are an important part. Hospital bed wheels ensure the bed can be easily moved as and when required, this could be in a room or surgical facility. Sometimes the ability to move a bed even just a few inches can be beneficial to a patient’s comfort, care and well- being.

To ensure that hospital beds remain in a required set place, wheels are lockable. This is beneficial for safety purposes and is required when transferring immobile patients from one bed to another.

Hospital bed side rails

Side rails are a feature and the fact that they can be easily adjusted makes them an important function of hospital beds. Side rails can be raised and lowered as required on hospital beds and are designed to serve different purposes. The most common need for rails is to provide safety in preventing a patient from falling out of bed and risking injury, rails are raised when patients are sleeping to prevent any falling and give security.

Rails are used to house controls both for patient and care workers. Controls located on a side rail are within easy reach and can be used to adjust the bed, call a nurse or on some occasions control the television. Also a feature of side rails is a range of equipment for more patients to provide to themselves without confining them to the bed.

Side rails are designed to provide safety and confine with strict guidelines to avoid entrapment which is a common compliant amongst patient’s and has led to deaths in the past.

Hospital beds elevation

The ability to elevate and adjust the height of the bed at the feet, head or across the entire height is the most important function of hospital beds. Raising the bed to a suitable position is beneficial to both the comfort and care of a patient. On some beds, the elevation process is done using electronic controls, this allows both patient and care worker to move the bed as required. Other beds may rely on a manual crank found on the foot of the bed to serve the same purpose; nowadays most beds will use electronic controls.

Raising the head and feet is beneficial for many reasons and helps with numerous conditions; it is also helpful for doctors, nurses and other care workers to be able to carry out proper treatment.

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