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Features Of Hospital Beds

Features Of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds have played an essential role in health care for many years and modern beds are particularly beneficial for the comfort and treatment of millions of patients that are referred to hospitals, nursing homes and clinics each year. The overall aim of a hospital bed is to provide comfort to the patient whilst they are receiving treatment, they are also used to help with recovery and relieve symptoms of pain. This is possible because of the design and the features of hospital beds. Care givers also benefit from hospital beds as they allow treatment to be administered easily without over-stretching, straining or causing any problems to the patient. There are many key features of hospital beds that make them so useful in health care.

Electric hospital beds

One of the best features found with hospital beds is electrical controls. The use of a control panel to adjust and elevate the bed as required is becoming common place and the majority of modern beds in health care are now electronically controlled. Hospital beds are designed to have separate segments which can each be individually adjusted. The head and feet can be raised and lowered as required and the whole of the bed can be raised in height through the use of a small straight-forward control panel that can be accessed by both patient and care giver.

For the patient, the ability to raise the head and upper body can help to alleviate any symptoms caused as a result of a respiratory problem; it is also beneficial for allow a patient feel independent and allowing them to sit up and watch television, read or eat. People suffering from lower body problems such as water retention and swelling in the lower legs and feet will also benefit from the ability to elevate the bed to a comfortable level.

Side Rails on hospital beds

Another feature of hospital beds are side rails, these can be used to prevent patients from falling, provide support and give a sense of security. Side rails can be raised and lowered as required either by the nurse for treatment or by the patient when there is a need to leave the bed. Side rails are not provided to all patients and it will be at the doctor’s discretion whether or not they are needed. Bed rails are often provided to elderly patients and those that are confused or on high dosage medication to prevent them from falling from the bed. They are also used for patients with a weakness to one side of the body for support and to help turn.

Wheels on hospital beds

Another of the common features of hospital beds is the use of wheels. Most modern beds are designed with wheels for easy movement around the hospital without the need for the patient to leave the bed. Hospitals are constantly busy and patients are often moved to different wards depending on their condition. Wheels are also lockable which is necessary for safety purposes.

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