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Benefits Of Hospital Beds

Benefits Of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are a common sight in healthcare facilities across the UK; they are also becoming more widely used in the homes of people that are recuperating having recently left hospital after a long stay, or have a condition with specific sleeping requirements. There is a great demand for this type of specially designed furniture in the UK and the benefits of hospital beds are a big reason why.

Hospital beds are designed to provide comfort to a patient and also help in their ability to recover from illness or surgery. The unique design also allows caregivers to administer treatment quickly and easily. There are various different types of hospital bed, all of which provide excellent benefits.

Benefits of electric hospital beds

In modern day health care the majority of the beds used are electrical operated; the ability to control a bed in this way is beneficial to all concerned. The benefits of hospital beds that are electrically controlled are found in the design of the bed. Beds are manufactured to be fully adjustable with the ability to elevate feet, midriff and head individually, there is also the option to raise and lower to height of the bed as required. The option of being able to elevate a specific area of the body is beneficial for both comfort and treatment; patients with respiratory problems are able to raise their head to alleviate symptoms. Likewise, someone that has a tendency to suffer from water retention and swelling of the feet can easily raise the lower part of the bed.

Electric beds use a two, three, four or five part control panel for operation and this can easily be done by both patient and nurse. A patient being able to operate the controls only adds to the benefits of hospital beds and allows them to remain somewhat independent by adjusting the bed as required for eating, drinking, reading or watching television. The electric controls also benefit the care giver allowing them to raise the bed to a level that is suitable to provide treatment without having to stretch or strain.

Hospital bed frames

The benefits of hospital beds also extend to the frame of the bed. It is vital that hospitals are kept clean and free from viruses and bacteria at all times to avoid passing on infection. Hospital bed frames are designed not to attract bacteria and germs and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Side rails on hospital beds

Many hospital beds come with side rails and doctors will decide whether these are beneficial to the patient. Rails are fully adjustable and can be raised and lowered as required. Side rails provide safety give security to patients; they are also beneficial to patients on high doses of medication and those that are confused with a risk of falling.

Hospital beds wheels

Benefits of hospital beds can also be found in the fact that they can be easily manoeuvred around the hospital as required. Beds come with lockable wheels and allow a patient to be transported without the need to leave the bed.

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