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Electric Beds

Many companies provide electric hospital beds. Prices and features vary so it is best to consider specific needs. If the patient has back problems, a bed with five-part controls is best. If the patient only needs to be able to raise the head of the bed, then a bed with two-part control is sufficient. In any event, be sure to follow the doctor's instructions.

Although electric hospital beds are the most preferred, consider getting a semi-electric model that allows for manual control if the bed will be installed in an area which frequently loses electric power.

A medical supply firm will set up the bed and show everyone how to work the controls. The company will also install IVs, mattresses and all other equipment. Most companies offer 24-hour telephone contact to answer any questions that may arise.

Although it has been proven that patients tend to heal more quickly while treated at home, this home medical care is a major adjustment for any household. Purchasing or renting an electric hospital bed can make a stressful time less frantic.

Independence Versa Electric Profiling Bed

SKU Part Number: 2260/AQ

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £2,251.42

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Independence Innov8 6000 Bed

SKU Part Number: INNOV8/6000

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £3,774.85

more info...

Independence Innov8 2000 Bed

SKU Part Number: INNOV8/2000

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £2,743.55

more info...

Why Choose an Electric Bed 6 Tips

Those people who need to care for sick or homebound would do well to consider getting an electric bed for their patients. Here are the six advantages of getting an electric bed.
  1. Electric beds are much more comfortable for the patient. The head or the foot of the bed can be raised for the patient's optimum benefit. For example, if the patient's feet tend to swell from water retention, raising the feet will relieve it. If the patient has difficulty breathing, raising the bed slightly will allow him or her to breathe easier whilst still lying comfortably to sleep.
  2. Electric beds give the patient some independence. If the patient wants to sit up to watch television or to eat or drink, he or she only has to press a button in order to be more comfortable. He or she does not have to wait for the caregiver to return. If the patient is allowed to be out of bed, he or she can lower the bed to get out as needed.
  3. An electric bed relieves physical stress for the caregiver. Instead of straining his or her back to change linens or to bathe the patient, the caregiver has only to raise the bed to a comfortable level.
  4. Electric beds can provide additional therapy. Electric beds can provide massage or vibration therapy which can be very beneficial, especially for those with lung maladies.
  5. Electric beds can improve the standard of home care. Because home health care providers were trained on professional medical equipment, they will be more at ease providing care on an electric hospital bed similar to those on which they were trained. They will be able to use the same bed-making techniques, for example and will be familiar with how to adjust the bed.
  6. Electric beds have a better resale value. When there is no longer a need for a hospital bed, it will be easier to resell an electric model than a manual model. Few people want to bother with adjusting a manual bed and will prefer the ease of an electric model.

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