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Bariatric Beds

Severely overweight people have many special healthcare needs. Many of them need bariatric beds and other equipment. Here is a guide to selecting bariatric beds.

In general, bariatric patients are those men more than 45 kg overweight or women who are more than 35 kg overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more. These people are prone to many health problems and need special equipment for their care.

Severely obese patients have many special needs. Getting a high-quality bariatric bed is an important way to meeting those needs, thereby speeding the recovery effort.

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What to consider when selecting a bariatric bed

Bariatric beds are among the most important pieces of health care equipment. There are many factors to look for in choosing a bariatric bed. These include:
  1. A frame that is sturdy and reinforced and designed specifically for larger patients.
  2. A sleeping platform large enough for the patient to be repositioned comfortably as needed.
  3. Enough clearance (at least 1.5 metres) around the bed to allow room for caregivers, wheelchairs and other equipment, such as hoists.
  4. Enough clearance underneath the bed for hoists to access.
  5. The floor the bed is placed on should ideally be the ground floor. If placing the bed on higher floors make sure that your ceilings / floors have been assessed by a structural engineer as strong enough to take the weight of the patient and the bed.
When selecting a bariatric bed, it is important to choose one that fits the space. Measure the space and the bed to make sure the bed will fit. It is also important to measure all doorways and stairways that will be used to bring in the bed. Clear a pathway so the bed can be easily brought in.

The best option for a bariatric bed is an electric, adjustable hospital bed. These allow the patient or carer to adjust him or herself as needed. These beds also have a height adjustment so the caregiver can comfortably change linens and attend to patient needs without straining.

Bariatric Mattresses

Medical beds require specific mattresses. Bariatric patients may need a special mattress that alternates pressure and laterally rotates them in order to reduce the risk of pressure sores. An improperly sized mattress can be safety concern as body parts can get caught between the mattress and the bed frame.

Selecting the right bariatric mattress is vital, and a fine balance is required; too soft and the patient will not be able to move about the bed, too hard and they are at risk of pressure sores.

Caring for a bariatric patient

When caring for a bariatric patient, it is best if two people provide care to avoid injury to the patient and to the caregivers. It is essential that the caregivers practice good body mechanics. Family members who care for a bariatric patient should be trained in how to lift and turn the patient, to avoid injury.

It is especially important that caregivers keep to the specified turn schedule in order to prevent pressure sores, which are very painful and can become infected.

Bariatric bed rental

Depending on the situation, it may be more cost effective to rent, rather than buy, a hospital bed. In either case, it is important to deal with a reputable company. Ask a doctor or hospital representative for recommendations. In addition to looking at the quality of the bed, it is important to find a company with outstanding customer service.

When buying or renting a bed, read all contracts carefully. Find out if the mattress and all other accessories are included. Make sure the payment plan and delivery dates are specified. Get all questions answered before signing, to avoid complications later.

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