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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable hospital beds are the best option for people with home medical needs. Here is some advice for choosing an adjustable bed.

It is most important to follow doctor's recommendations to the letter. If the doctor recommends using a bed with five-part controls, do not settle for one with two- or even four-part control. A bed with five-part control most likely has added control for the spine.

Next, it is important to get a bed from a reliable manufacturer. Notice the brands of beds used in hospitals and care facilities. Read online product reviews. Note any complaints other customers have had. A hospital bed is an essential piece of medical equipment - it is not worth the cost savings to be stuck with a substandard piece of equipment.

Independence Versa Electric Profiling Bed

SKU Part Number: 2260/AQ

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £2,251.42

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Independence Innov8 6000 Bed

SKU Part Number: INNOV8/6000

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £3,774.85

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Independence Innov8 2000 Bed

SKU Part Number: INNOV8/2000

Availability: Direct from manufacturer

Incl. VAT: £2,743.55

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Look for a company that provides excellent customer service. Adjustable beds have electric controls and moving parts that could get damaged. If equipment breaks down in the middle of the night, it is important to get repairs as soon as possible. Most home medical care companies provide free deliver service and set up.

When purchasing or renting the bed, be sure to get the appropriate mattress for the particular medical condition of the patient and for the particular bed. As an example, a severely overweight person needs a particular type of mattress. In addition, the wrong mattress might not fit well on the frame and become a safety hazard.

Adjustable beds come in many varieties. Some are intended for home health care while others are not. Ask a health care provider if a non-medical adjustable bed may be used. Compare prices and features. Many couples prefer non-medical adjustable beds so they can continue sleeping together, which is a comfort during a stressful time. However, the buyer may have to set up a non-medical adjustable bed without assistance.

Before buying a bed, try it first. Are the controls easy to use? Is the bed noisy while it is being adjusted? Is the control pad sufficiently large enough that it won't get lost in the bed linens? Are the bed rails secure but easy to use? Can the bed be easily moved for cleaning? Does the bed use standard electrical outlets?

When buying or renting a bed, read all contracts carefully. Has the deposit been recorded accurately? Is the payment plan clearly listed? Is there a clearly listed delivery date and time? Is there a warranty for defective parts? Is there a customer service telephone number clearly listed?

A doctor or physical therapist can advise as to the best bed positions to use based on the particular health condition and sleep position the patient uses. Those with respiratory problems may prefer to sleep with the head elevated, while those who tend to experience swelling in their feet may need to keep the feet elevated. Keeping the knees elevated and bent prevents the patient from sliding down into an uncomfortable position.

Everyone knows that getting sufficient sleep is essential for good health, particularly while recovering from an illness. Adjustable beds provide many people with the quality sleep they need to make a full recovery.

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